Did You Know

Smart home products are no longer costly and hard to use! Clare has taken the guesswork out of using these cool new devices in your home with smart products that are easy to install and use. These fun Did You Know facts will help you understand the benefits of products that can be added to your home.

Door/Window sensors can be placed on the inside of cabinet doors, drawers, or even jewelry boxes for discreet security.

Garage Door Opened

Leave the garage door open, you can check in on it and close it from anywhere.

Flood Sensor

Flood sensors are about the size of a hockey puck and can be placed virtually anywhere you might suspect a leak.

Door and Window Sensors

Door/Window sensors can be placed on every access point of your home and notify you of an intrusion without a monitoring contract.

You can make any lamp smart with a plug-in lamp dimmer – no tools required!

You can make any tabletop or floor fan smart with a plug-in appliance module – no tools required!

Smart outlets are great way to control bedside table lamps.

You can put your Christmas lights on a schedule with plug-in dimmers – no tools required!

Smart switches are better for fluorescent tube lights – because they don’t dim well.

Thermostat Adjustment From Anywhere

Smart thermostats are programmable and controllable from anywhere.

You can save up to 10% on you’re A/C bill by adjusting your thermostat 3 degrees.

A smart dimmer simply replaces a standard light switch and provides dimmable control over virtually any light.